Mergers and Acquisitions Assisted by Drones

Drone technology has changed the way investments Are Made

Drone flyovers with professionally produced videos are providing investment banks with the digital bridge to cut out travel and showcase businesses to a broader audience.

In today’s COVID climate, a digital spark has shifted the art of the deal as we know it.

Seizing the attention of soon-to-be clients and closing deals faster than ever. 

Sell asset-based businesses with remote visits and fly-overs

Hosting in-person tours with groups of bidders is unsafe. We use commercial-grade drones and virtual reality technology to conduct remote tours of everything from shipping ports and railroads to chemical factories, warehouses and big-box retail locations.


Old school methods of closing deals included many in-person meetings over fancy dinners and firm handshakes. Now with the normalcy of Zoom meetings… a digital bridge as emerged.

Toss out your client’s hassle of catching an Uber, flying across the country, and checking into a hotel. Now, this all can be done from the comfort of your client’s home office. 

You can showcase a potential M&A to tenfold the amount of clients at tenfold the efficiency and convenience – and might we mention half the cost.  Unleashing your productivity to scout new clients, attract new business, and make the transaction.

And we can thank the art of professionally captured drone footage by the Mendocino Drone.

Top merger advisors and investment banks are using drone technology to give their clients the complete picture.

Virtual Site Tours with Recorded & Live Videos

Now that traditional outside sales methods have been replaced with Zoom calls, video production has become even more influential than it already was. Drones have proven their efficacy as a COVID safe way of delivering investors a wealth of information very quickly. Aerial video allows interested parties to situate assets within their environment and quickly absorb benefits.


By leveraging Virtual Reality, 3D, and 360° capture technology, we’re able to create futuristic, dynamic, immersive experiences. Viewers can intuitively navigate through a space in 3D, with the ability to look in all directions. Our solution also allows annotations to provide additional textual info if desired. In a time when traveling and touring locations in person isn’t feasible… this is the next best thing.

Our studio is a full service digital creative and advertising agency with the means to distribute a digital experience on any app store desired. We are well-versed in shipping signed code on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku.

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