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Anthony Wells
Photo, Video, Web.
Mendocino Drone is a media production studio specializing in real estate advertising. Our cinematic approach lends itself to weddings and small business promotion as well.

We are also available for families, couples, and personal projects.
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Mendocino Drone was founded in 2019 by me, Anthony Wells.

After we had our baby girl in Southern California, Rebecca and I decided to move back to my hometown on the Mendocino Coast. She’s an incredible artist, I’ve always been into computers and cameras.
I was fortunate to have access to professional production tools early on.
The computers at school were loaded with Final Cut, ProTools and Photoshop. By the time I was 16 I knew them all very well.

Thank you to the countless teachers, coaches and supportive role models in this community.

I continued my education at Chico State University, graduating with a major in Communication Design and Media Arts. During my last year of University I was also working full time as a video producer for an Internet Marketing Startup called MyMediaBuyer.


After living in San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and Oahu,
I moved to Newport Beach, CA.

I worked there for five years, under direct mentorship from platinum record producer Lewis Richards. During this same period I was playing keyboards for a touring band, Seedless, sometimes for festival crowds of over 10,000 people.

The Marina Del Rey Film Festival gave me the “Best Cinematography” Award in 2014 for a short film I shot and edited.

Anthony with cameras

In 2019 I moved back to the North Coast with my small family and started Mendocino Drone. Honestly, bios are weird; I like to let my work speak for itself. I love the outdoors, my family and my work. I have a lot to learn, and I'm constantly striving to produce my best work yet.

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