The Benefits of Hiring a Local Airbnb Photographer

The Benefits of Hiring a Local Airbnb Photographer

A picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to making your Airbnb listing stand out in a saturated market, the photos you showcase can make all the difference between an empty or bustling vacation rental. 

You’re inviting people to consider your space as the best accommodation for their weekend getaway, but it’s only possible to express your Airbnb’s charm through professional photography. Whether you’re going for hip, casual or luxurious, having professional listing photos will boost your offer’s appeal in more ways than one. 

Seeing as photos can capture your Airbnb’s personality and style, potential renters can visualize themselves in your space with greater confidence and excitement. 

Why Professional Airbnb Listing Photos Gives Your Space the Boost It Needs

Benefit #1: Put the Best of What You Offer Under the Spotlight 

First impressions matter, so it’s only right to capture what your space has to offer in the best light, angle, and perspective possible. Professional real estate photographers know how to properly stage a room and capture it in its best light. 

Having a drone shot of your Airbnb rental with a stunning, panoramic backdrop of the city or nature can give your listing a more dynamic feel and outshine your competitors. 

Benefit #2: Boost Your Bookings and Earnings 

Even though modern phones take high resolution photos… people can recognize a pro photo when they see one. Lighting, lens choice, composition, editing… a lot comes into play when crafting a super high quality image. Pro shots just have an extra layer of polish on them that  translates to value. 

Simply put, with pro photos, your rental becomes worth more. Having professional photos means you can charge more per night. Research shows that Airbnb rentals that use professional photography services can increase their earnings by a whopping 40 percent, which means investing in professional photos for your vacation rental can quickly extend benefits to your bottom line. 

Benefit #3: Express More Personality and Spark Curiosity 

A stunning place can be eye-catching, but making your Airbnb listing photos moodier can paint a more expressive picture for your potential customers. Imagining themselves in your place becomes easier and more colorful, especially when your photos are done in a way that exudes chicness and comfort. 

Benefit #4: It’s a Place to Make Memories

It’s no surprise that people like taking pictures on vacation, so your guests will surely be taking photos and capturing memories while at your place. So it makes sense that in addition to the living spaces, it’s a good idea to show your potential guests photo opportunities and various backdrops they may have while on your property. High quality photos will really help them wish they were there to experience that moment, and also capture it with their own photos. By having a professional photographer to get the best version of those photo environments and lighting situations, you’ll be making the whole experience as attractive as possible. 

The Bottom Line: Every Airbnb Gets Judged by Its Cover

When it comes to standing out in a fiercely competitive real estate market, it’s normal for every book to get judged by its cover. After all, who would want to stay in a vacation rental that looks dingy, lackluster, or cheap? 

Using professional photography services can bring out your home’s highlights and portray them in a more visually interesting frame. They can see the quality you put into your listing, plus have a greater view of your rental space’s personality. With more expressive listing photos for your Airbnb, you can increase your rental’s income.

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