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Full-Service Advertising Agency

We know the modern web inside-out. We understand the inner workings of Facebook Business Manager, Google, and how to purchase well-targeted ad placements.

In addition to getting videos to the right eyeballs, we also create content that creates interest in an offering. With a full-service ad campaign, we split test dozens of ads against each other, collecting data, and optimizing the sales process along the way.

Sure, anyone can “boost” a post on Facebook, but without expertise in the many strategies involved, you’ll be lucky if you break even. We know how to craft a campaign that builds a niche audience and drives qualified traffic to your offers. We understand that it’s all about return on ad spend (ROAS), and that’s our primary metric with every media buy.

birds eye view

It’s important to note that no advertisement should be edited with solely aerial clips. As a filmmaker, a drone is just one color of the pallet. However, a little goes a long way. A buttery smooth aerial glide shot instantly adds a huge amount of production value to your video. Humans can’t help it… aerials are amazing, who doesn’t dream of flying? For whatever reason, that type of shot really captivates. Even at eye level, a drone can do camera movements that once required truckloads of equipment and an expensive film crew to operate. With the advent of drones, however… dolly shots, crane shots, chase scenes – you name it – can all be handled in a matter of minutes.

An aerial is also ideal for capturing evocative establishing, transitional, and closing shots… from hundreds of feet in the air. Again, the aerial is just one aspect of the video and not to be overused. In reality, the narrative and editing do the majority of the heavy lifting.

Let the market be the judge

The truth is, only the market can tell you what a good ad is. When creating an advertisement, it’s not so much a form of art as it is a scientific practice. In digital video advertising, the first 3 seconds, or “scroll stoppers”, will largely determine if your ad even gets watched. This is why it’s important to be flexible in your campaign, constantly test multiple ads, and don’t expect to create a single perfect video. With constant iterating, data monitoring and creative output, you can efficiently increase your ad spend and your return on investment. With the power of analytics, the market will tell you what’s working for you… what gets the most views, the most clicks, the most sales.

With over 10 years of experience in digital media buying and creative production, we at Mendocino Drone know how to effectively manage scalable ad spends. Each campaign is completely unique so please contact us to learn more about how we can increase your revenue.

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