4 Astounding Drone Shots That Will Make Your Property Shine

4 Astounding Drone Shots That Will Make Your Property Shine

Real estate marketing has evolved so much over the last few years that new and more creative ways of promoting real estate have already emerged. One such method is the use of real estate drone video. That’s right, controlling a drone to capture a full aerial view of the house you’re selling has become one of the most effective ways of marketing. A huge factor in what makes modern drones so appealing is that they are very powerful photography tools. So let’s enumerate some of the best drone shots you can use to bring out the best in your property.

The Descending Shot

Imagine this, the drone flying up high in the air and aligning itself to the front side of the property. Once it’s high enough, you can simply drop in from above while tilting the camera up to track with the property. This particular descending shot is a great way to introduce your property and showcase it.

If you want to change it up a bit, you can do the opposite movement. Start from the ground with the camera facing forward. Then, ascend while tilting the camera down and tracking the property as you ascend and move away from it. Either way, it gives you a cinematic feel while showcasing just how magnificent and amazing the property is.

The Overhead Shot

One of the most effortless shots to pull off in real estate videography is the overhead shot. All you have to do is point your camera directly down and fly over the property. Start by hovering low over the property’s focal point and then moving the drone higher in altitude while rotating the drone. The overhead shot is a great technique to use as it gives you a nice view of the property while also showing a glimpse of its immediate surroundings. This provides the viewer with a truly unique visual experience, unlike any other shot.

The Spotlight

As the name suggests, the spotlight follows a movement similar to how spotlights are used in events. Your drone basically just flies horizontally around the house while keeping the camera locked on the focal point of the property. It’s like giving the audience a quick 360-degree view of the entire house, giving them a view of all of its sides. This can be tricky since you need to coordinate how fast you move the drone and how quickly you pan the camera to stay locked on the property. Going too fast can be dizzying for the audience while going too slow can be tedious and dragging. Moving the drone at an average pace would be the ideal speed.

The Reveal

If you’re still thinking of a good opening shot for your real estate drone video, then doing the reveal would be a great approach. In this particular shot, you start quite a distance from the property and start approaching it. Once you’re just a few meters away, you need to fly over the property while slowly tilting the camera down without losing focus on the property. This is another tricky shot to pull off since it requires a tremendous amount of coordination and practice. However, if you’re able to execute it well, you’re practically getting two great shots since you can play it on reverse as an outro for your video.


Real estate videography has been used in marketing for many years. However, with the use of drone videography, you can take your real estate marketing to a whole new level. Follow the techniques listed here to make videos that will definitely capture the attention of your potential clients.

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