5 Tips on How to Get the Best Wedding Photographs

5 Tips on How to Get the Best Wedding Photographs

A wedding creates a beautiful and significant memory between the couple and their families. Ultimately, there’s nothing more special than tying the knot and having all of the moments captured for keepsakes. Therefore, your photographer is one of the most essential vendors you must have if you don’t want to miss any detail after all of the festivities. 

Even when you have an experienced photographer, your photos will be better with your input. If you have ideas, tell them exactly what you want to capture. Their role is to help you remember the experience once you look back on your wedding photos in the years to come. By briefing them on your likes and expectations, you’ll be able to help them achieve the goal. 

Here are some things you can discuss and prepare with your photographer to achieve the best wedding photographs you want. 

1. Walk Them Through Your Love Story and Wedding Plans

A photograph must tell a story, and the details you share will be a significant factor in helping the photographer craft that story into an image. Once the photographer gets to know you two as a couple, they’ll have a better idea of your preferred style, and it will translate to the wedding photos you’ll receive. 

When you get to know each other, you’ll also feel more comfortable, which plays a huge role in capturing great photos. Plus, if you’re confident that your photographer knows what you like, it will ease your mind because they’re doing the job to give you just that. In turn, you’ll end up more relaxed and beautiful in every picture. 

Remember to discuss the schedule of events as well, and what moments are most important to you, so they can align and plan the angles and layouts accordingly. 

2. Create a List of Names of Those Taking Part in Family Photos

Keep in mind that your photographer knows nothing about your family, so it’s better to give them a list. This way, they can familiarize themselves with your family members and orchestrate the picture-taking part smoothly and orderly. The list will also help them not miss out on anyone special in your life. 

This part of planning with your photographer will benefit you greatly because it can save time and avoid chaos during the party. Most importantly, your guests will also enjoy the event without experiencing any hassle during the picture-taking part. 

3. Show Them Examples You Like

While your photographer will be able to suggest many of their go-to shots and poses to include, it’s essential to discuss any specific picture requests. You may have a unique photo opportunity in your wedding that you don’t want to miss out on; make sure to discuss it with your photographer so you won’t feel like the chance for a great photo was missed. Organizing your shot list will help them capture every important moment during your wedding day. 

4. Orient Them With Your Preferred Locations

It’s also important to brief your photographer if you have any specific locations to capture your photos because it will help them prepare for better lighting and setup. Be transparent and share what you can, like the style of shots you want to take or areas in the venue you want to serve as your backdrop. 

Most venues will have several excellent options for photo backdrops. Talk about the wedding site with your photographer ahead of time, and think about the places you’d like to shoot your photos. For example, in the gardens, by the ocean, or walking down a certain corridor. 

Your collaboration will help them provide high-quality photos that suit your tastes. 

5. Don’t Hold Back When Telling Them What You Want

A great photographer can produce stellar work with or without much briefing on your end. However, when you plan and communicate what you like to them ahead of time, your photos will likely exceed your expectations. While it’s not a requirement that you come up with an entire shot list, you may want to have a meeting with your photographer at least once or twice before the big day to strategize and go over options. This way, you will have a say in the final output, and the results will be closer—or even spot on—with your creative vision. 

When the photographer has a fundamental understanding of what you want, they can customize their work around your preferred style. 


Generally, no one wants their wedding day to end, so it’s important to keep the memories alive through the photos and videos you’ll have during that day. As such, you need to ensure that you have the best professional wedding photographers to produce high quality images for you. 

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