How Your Non-Profit Video Can Inspire Action

How Your Non-Profit Video Can Inspire Action

An effective video strategy is a key to the success of nonprofits, especially when it comes to fundraising. After all, a well-crafted video can be so inspiring that it can prompt potential donors at fundraising events to donate. Additionally, it can help you gain the attention you need on social media. An engaging video can garner a lot of likes and comments and is more likely to be shared, too. 

Because they can help spread awareness fast and even help you raise funds, it’s imperative that you create the best video possible for your nonprofit. To help you out, Mendocino Drone, your trusted expert in video production in Fort Bragg, CA, shares some tips for your video production:

Think of the Viewers as Potential Donors

It’s important to assume that every viewer that would watch your video is a potential donor. If you frame viewers this way, wouldn’t you make an effort to ensure that all your viewers would like what they watch? Viewers’ heartstrings have to be pulled, so you should work on creating a compelling video and then make sure that you get it in front of as many viewers and potential donors as possible. 

Having a Video Strategy Is Key

You should consider establishing an annual video strategy for these things: 

  • Recap Videos for your special events
  • Stories, Reels, and Video Posts for social media campaigns
  • Training and educational videos
  • 30-second PSAs
  • Footage for next year’s promotions

Planning your strategy for your videos for the coming year, including the scripting, shooting, and editing, will result in a more cost-effective and more efficient production process. 

Don’t Extend Videos Unless Necessary

Don’t make the mistake that you have to make a longer video for it to have substance. A two- to three-minute video is going to do better than a 30-minute one. As long as your video has meaningful content, a concise video is going to be effective. One thing to note, though, is that videos for annual galas might need an additional minute or two, so if that’s what you’re doing, keep in mind that a four- to six-minute video is traditionally used for such events. 

Work on Your Storytelling Skills

Numbers and facts are all good, especially for establishing credibility, but if you want to come through and make an impact with your video, you have to master the art of storytelling. Show your audience the human side of your organization – real people with real faces who do live the causes you’re fighting for would work better than a celebrity or influencer talking about it. 

When you can tell a story the right way, you can make an emotional connection with your audience. Not only will you compel them to make a donation, but the message you’re trying to impart will stay within their hearts and minds longer, too. 

Don’t Forget About Your Call-to-Action

Remember that you’re doing it for fundraising. Therefore, you should be clear about what it is exactly that you want your audience to do – make a donation, invite other people to join the cause, or help spread the word. Keep your call-to-action simple but impactful at the end of the video. 


Videos can help you reach your fundraising goals, so you have to make sure that you do it right. Plan your strategy early. Always think of what can connect with your audience on an emotional level and how you will tell your story so that they understand what the organization is all about. You should also be creative when it comes to your videos so that they can catch and hold the attention of the viewers. Drone videography, for instance, is something that you should try.

Mendocino Drone is a team of experts in drone videography in Fort Bragg, CA, that can help you achieve the video that you want for your fundraising campaign. Contact our team today, and we can start planning your inspiring video!

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