How to Prepare for a Memorable Engagement Photo Shoot

How to Prepare for a Memorable Engagement Photo Shoot

We know how excited you are after saying yes to the question. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to list down all your wedding plans! 

Of course, don’t forget about the most anticipated and memorable engagement photo session you and your partner should have. It’s one of the most important photo events you should focus on because it will be your forever keepsake from your wedding journey.

Don’t worry; we will help you prepare for the most significant event in your life. In this article, we have listed some tips on how you can make your engagement photoshoot memorable. Read on and know these tips by heart!

1. Book the Date, Time, and Place

Before anything else, look for an available location for your engagement shoot. Finding a place that is somehow sentimental for you and your partner would be great because you both will be comfortable. It will also be more memorable because you can reminisce about the place once you look at your photos in the future.

Regarding the date and time, it’s recommended that you schedule it at least 3-6 months in advance to avoid frustrations and stress. Typically, photo sessions are perfect for shooting two hours before the sunset, so make sure you clear your schedule. Of course, don’t forget about your photographer’s availability. Make sure that it is aligned with your location’s availability. 

2. Plan Your Engagement Photo Session Theme

After setting up the place, date, and time, it’s time to plan out the theme you would like for your engagement shoot. There are lots of ideas and inspirations you can find over the internet. After choosing, discuss it with your photographer so they can plan their backdrop and other elements as well. 

3. Schedule Your Hair and Makeup Artist

Of course, you need to be glammed up during your photoshoot session, so don’t forget about your favorite makeup artist as well. Schedule your appointment with them so that they can block their schedule on your engagement shoot. Engagement shoots are also a perfect opportunity to test your look before the wedding day to see how your hair and makeup will look on photos. 

4. Grooms Should Have a Haircut

Brides are not the only ones who will be needing some touch-ups! Grooms should have it too! So for grooms, make sure you get your hair cut days before the engagement shoot and shave that beard or mustache if you prefer.

5. Clean Your Ring 

One of the highlights of your engagement photo shoot is your ring. Your photographer will have to take a solo and close-up shot for that, so make sure it’s clean and looking its best. 

6.  Get Your Nails Done

Another detail that you should not miss are your nails! Since your photographer will shoot your ring in a close-up shot, for sure, your nails will also be seen in photos, so make sure it’s nice and pretty. Having a fresh manicure and pedicure will also make you feel more confident during the shoot. 


Your photoshoot engagement session shouldn’t be a hassle. Make sure it will be fun and memorable for you and your partner, so you can have quality photographs that you can display. Hopefully, our tips will make your engagement shoot more manageable and fun! Also, as long as you work with a professional photographer, your engagement shoot will be smooth and hassle-free. 

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