How to Use Video Testimonials to Boost Your Sales

How to Use Video Testimonials to Boost Your Sales

As a business owner, you probably know by now just how vital testimonials are when marketing your website. They’re actually quite crucial to a company’s reputation as it shows just how much your customers trust and love your work. But did you know there’s something a lot better than just posting testimonials on your website? Enter testimonial videos. Using them in your marketing campaigns provides an even better advantage because of how enticing videos are. The following is a short guide to help you incorporate testimonial videos to boost your sales.

1. Identify the Ideal Customers for the Job

You’re practically showcasing real people when you’re making testimonial videos, so you need to identify individuals who are willing to support you in this pursuit. Start by looking at your most loyal customers. They probably have a lot to say about your brand and why they choose your product or service. Take note of a couple of names and try to categorize them based on expected camera presence.

Once you have a few people in mind, it’s best to get to know them a little better. Make sure they know the kind of message you want to deliver to viewers. They should be instructive, authentic, and motivating.

2. Do Not Use a Script

If there’s one thing you should avoid at all costs, it’s using a script. Customers rely on video testimonials because they are authentic, so it doesn’t make sense for you to use a script. Any potential customers who watch the video will know if your testimonial videos are scripted or not. Instead of being beneficial, your project will just backfire and cause more harm than good. So, better stick with a more authentic approach and just let your featured customers tell what they think about your brand and your products.

3. Locate the Ideal Setting for an Interview

Capturing testimonials in a video is like doing an interview but just showing the answers instead of the back and forth between the interviewer and the customer. So, like any interview, two things matter a lot—the location and your set of questions.

First, you need to choose a location where your customers will feel at ease enough to engage in an open conversation with you. While some would opt for an outdoor shoot, your customer may not feel comfortable opening up in public. Maybe you can choose an office setting or even your customer’s home if they allow it.

For your set of questions, consider the audience for which you’re creating the video. Use questions that focus on providing complete information on the benefits of your product, the whole buying experience, and the joy associated with the total purchase your interviewee has experienced with you.

4. Complete and Edit the Video According to Your Brand

Finally, once you’re done with the interview, it’s time to edit the video and make it look more presentable for potential customers. Remember, you’re no longer just copying and pasting text that your loyal customers have said before. You’re actually showcasing them and sharing their experience with other potential customers. Having said that, edit and compose the video in a way that emphasizes those experiences as they will carry your brand’s image even further than you’ve ever imagined.


Creating testimonial videos for your brand is the next step to marketing your products and services to your audience. By following these steps, you can make videos that will easily capture your audience’s attention.

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