How Video Affects Your Site’s SEO

How Video Affects Your Site’s SEO

In general, search engine optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing tactic focusing on driving organic traffic and improving visibility in search engines. However, when we hear the term SEO, we automatically think of articles and keywords, nothing more. This is understandable, though, as traditional SEO initiatives mainly focus on maximizing the use of keywords through relevant content creation.

But, what if we tell you there’s more to this digital marketing tactic than you know? Yes, you’ve read that right. SEO isn’t all about content marketing anymore. It can also be incorporated into video marketing as well. And if you’re curious just how it works, then here’s how video content can enhance your SEO efforts.

1. Video Content Entice Visitors to Stay on Your Website Longer

Let’s face it; even if there’s a massive amount of online users that visit your website from time to time, it’s pretty useless if they’d leave immediately. For this reason, business owners invest in developing a website and creating compelling content, which plays a significant role in keeping people engaged on a particular page for a longer period.

Unfortunately, articles are sometimes no longer enough to keep the attention of online users. Based on studies, people are more likely to lose interest in a website if they only see lengthy blocks of text. In contrast, visitors are more inclined to stay on a page to watch a video. And even if a blog and a video carry the same core information, most people will still choose to view videos rather than read blog posts.

Now, you might be wondering why this is important. If you’re not aware, most search engines consider how long visitors spend on a website to index sites for ranking. This means that adding in videos on your content can drastically improve your bounce rate, increasing your chances of ranking at the top in search engines like Bing and Google.

2. Video Content Has the Potential to Boost Conversion Rates

Indeed, search engine optimization plays a crucial part in driving organic traffic to a website. However, the underlying goal of this digital marketing scheme is actually to attract interested consumers and convert them into actual customers.

There’s no denying that this is a rather tricky thing to do. You’ll find it challenging to boost conversion rates and generate sales without compelling content, even with all your SEO efforts to bring in visitors to your website. 

With that said, videos can help provide meaningful gains to your SEO initiatives. After all, statistics show that videos influence the purchasing decision of consumers. In line with this report, a large percentage of customers claimed that many of them were convinced to buy particular products after watching a promotional video.


With the current demand for video content, it’s not surprising that marketers are starting to include video content in their digital marketing strategies. Furthermore, these marketing tools are actually pretty flexible. Aside from SEO, they work well with other promotional tactics like lead generation and social media marketing as well.

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