5 Crucial Questions to Ask a Real Estate Photography

5 Crucial Questions to Ask a Real Estate Photography

Investing in professional real estate photography to market your property listings is a great way to ensure that your listing showcases your property’s best and attractive features. 

As most of these property listings are previewed online, a low-quality DIY photo may not encourage your target market to click and browse your property. A high-quality professional photo will entice people to browse, inquire, and make a booking.

However, not all real estate photographers are made the same. This article will list down the questions you need to ask when hiring a real estate photographer.

Can You Show Your Portfolio?

Not anyone who can use a camera can shoot excellent real estate photos. Real estate photography, like portraiture and sports photography, is a specialty that requires mastery. 

A professional real estate photographer can compose their shots in a way that captivates the buyer’s attention when they see it as a listing online. 

These photographers usually have a portfolio that includes photographs of architectural spaces.

Do You Have Up-to-Date Equipment?

A photographer’s equipment does not come down to the camera brand. They need up-to-date equipment such as a DSLR camera that can shoot 16 megapixels minimum and an off-camera flash.

They would also need wide-angle lenses – the 10mm is a typical wide-angle lens.

A professional real estate photographer invests in gear to do the job and knows how to get the most out of this equipment.

What Types of Services Do You Offer?

Real estate photographers offer different sets of services. Some photographers can do images but don’t do videos. Some don’t do HDRs, interiors, or twilight exteriors. 

Make sure the photographer you are hiring can take the shots you require for your listing.

A great example is real estate aerial photography which can be crucial to listings but is rarely offered by real estate photographers.

Real estate photographers offer a full range of services to keep up with the client expectations and ever-changing market.

How Fast Can You Upload the Finished Images?

The real estate market is fast-paced, and professional real estate photographers know how important turnaround time is. Most experienced real estate photographers can shoot most listings within 1.5 hours and upload the finished images within 24 hours.

These professionals have mastered their craft and don’t waste time. If it takes days to get your photos, you are better off looking elsewhere.

How Good Is the Customer Service?

It is essential to communicate with your photographers and have someone to contact if you have any concerns. Here are some indications of good customer service for real estate photographers:

  • It is easy to place an order
  • They can quickly schedule your shoot
  • They offer a listing platform that is easy for you to use
  • They have someone locally you can call if you have concerns


Your real estate property is a considerable investment, and it is crucial to reach your target market through high-quality and attractive photos of your property. Hiring a professional real estate photographer will ensure that your listing will showcase the best features of your property.

However, not all these photographers are the same. Make sure to be discerning before investing in real estate photography.

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