How Real Estate Video Marketing Can Supercharge Your Sales

How Real Estate Video Marketing Can Supercharge Your Sales

You can do everything online these days—people buy, sell, and browse just by using their phones and computers, and homebuyers aren’t an exception. With more Americans turning to websites to look for properties, you have no choice but to join the digital marketing bandwagon to promote your real estate business.

The internet is a world full of business opportunities, but going online doesn’t automatically get you the results you want. To achieve online and real estate success in the oversaturated real estate market, you must do everything you can to one-up your competitors and stand out.

So, how do you do that?

Sell More With Videos

In this highly competitive landscape, banking on videos is your best bet to growing your client network and driving more sales! Sure, professional real estate photography can pique a buyer’s interest, but a well-made video can offer them the complete picture, showcasing the property in much more detail.

Photos and textual descriptions can only do so much! In this highly digital landscape, buyers want something more before choosing to make a purchase or not, and a real estate drone video or virtual tour shot could be the deciding factor that results in an outcome that’s favorable to you.

Video is now among the most popular formats online, and the numbers don’t lie! Data suggests that 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching a video. In addition, listings with video generate 60% more qualified leads. There’s no ignoring the impact of videos—if you want to rake in the sales, you must invest in real estate video marketing!

How to Market Through Videos

Videos are undoubtedly a powerful tool that can catapult your real estate business to the top, but it takes more than just a moving shot of your listing to get attractive offers. With most real estate businesses utilizing videos to market to potential buyers, you have to take things up a notch and produce a video potential clients can’t help but watch.

Here are some real estate video marketing ideas you can implement to appeal to buyers and vendors alike:

Real Estate Listing Video

This may seem like a basic video, but it can significantly impact your potential buyer’s purchasing decision! Walk around every area of the property and try to show the place at different angles to help your audience feel like they’re exploring it in person, keeping them engaged. This does an adequate job of demonstrating a living space, however hiring a Hiring a professional videographer that can produce a seamless edit will add a lot of extra value to the listing, AND you as an agent and brokerage in the long term.

Not only does a property video attract buyers, but when potential sellers see the quality of advertising media you are producing for your clients, they will want to list with you as well. And the great thing about videos, is they don’t go away. Even after the listing sells, the video is still a valuable marketing tool for you and your brokerage. We’ve found many sellers love videos as keepsakes; a way to remember their many life experiences there.

Point of Interest Property Video

The neighborhood or location is among the most important factors home buyers consider when looking for the right property—what’s outside is just as important as what’s inside, after all. Make sure to show the neighborhoods surrounding the residence and focus on its best features, such as local amenities and proximity to schools. 

In addition to demonstrating a “sense of place” and orienting the viewer with a property’s environment, we like to include artistic shots as well. Adding unique shots that you don’t typically see in a real estate video will help distinguish your marketing efforts from the crowd. Try including close ups of wildlife, landscaping, or people experiencing the neighborhood at large, for example exploring trails in a nearby State Park, or enjoying a glass of wine at an acclaimed restaurant downtown. When someone purchases a home, they are also purchasing the lifestyle that surrounds it. By immersing them in the experience virtually, they are able to visualize themselves living in such a place.

Testimonial Video

The key to attracting more clients is gaining the audience’s trust. No elaborate marketing campaign or advertisement can replace the significance of credibility; being able to show a history of happy customers will influence prospects to reach out to you instead of your competitors.

A good testimonial video shares genuinely positive experiences of your past customers. In today’s age of social media it isn’t uncommon for people to share their experience and leave reviews in vlog or video posts online. See if you are able to find any of your previous customers sharing their experiences in video on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. If you can… these can be invaluable. It’s worth reaching out to these folks and asking if you can share their post. More often than not, they will be happy to say yes. Potential customers love seeing happy experiences from past customers, it’s often that extra bit of “social proof” that gives them the nudge to say OK, I think I found my realtor.


Your real estate business’ success may not rely on a single video alone, but it can certainly increase your chances of attracting clients and making more sales than before! As long as you work with the best video production company, your business will surely grow beyond expectations.

Do you want to increase your sales through real estate video marketing? Then, our skilled team at Mendocino Drone is just right for the job! We create captivating media focusing on high production value to show any property in its highest and best form. Connect with us today!

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