5 Reasons to Consider Having a Holiday Wedding

5 Reasons to Consider Having a Holiday Wedding

Are you thinking about having a summer wedding? Sure, summer weddings are stunning, but have you ever heard of someone having a winter wedding? It’s not so common, right? So, why not be unique and consider having a holiday wedding? Your wedding will be figuratively and literally cool when you opt to have a wedding during this time of the month. 

More than that, you’ll get to experience the following benefits—the reasons why you should consider having a wedding during this season: 

1. Scheduling Everything Becomes Easier

The first good thing about having a winter wedding is that you don’t have that much competition on the venues, photographer, caterer, wedding planner, or other suppliers you’d like. Not all people realize that a winter wedding is a great option. So, they don’t really consider booking the date during this season. As an advantage, you will not only have many options to consider, but your chosen supplier will also have extra time and attention for you. 

2. You Can Choose Any Color Theme

Since there will be no warm atmosphere to consider, you can choose any color for your wedding. There’s no need to think about if the color combinations you choose will look good in the warmer months. Go for black and gold, deep scarlet, deep silver, deep emerald trim, or any other color that’s too loud for spring and summer. Anything can match the winter season since you’ll see a landscape palette of white or dull brown and gray. 

3. You Can Have a Bonus and Free Decorations

Another good reason why you should consider having a holiday wedding is that there’s a bonus and free decoration for you. Since any venue you select will most likely already be decorated for the holiday season, your wedding photos will be more festive and fun. Of course, let’s not forget about the snow; it’s the best and free decoration you can have that only a few couples will get to have!

4. You Will Stay Fresh on Your Wedding Day

Let’s face it; not all people deal well in the heat. That hot climate can make someone irritated, cranky, and a sweaty mess. If you don’t want to look tired and feel greasy and uncomfortable on your wedding day, you should definitely go for a winter wedding. Remember, you can always combat the cold by wearing layers of clothes, but you cannot take off your clothes just because you’re sweating and feeling hot. 

If you’re fresh, it will show on your wedding photos, and you will also keep your and your guests’ temper cool. 

5. You Will Have Cheaper Travel and Accommodation Options

As you know, travel and hotel stays are pricier during summer because they are high in demand. But, if you choose a winter wedding, you’ll reap the benefits of having off-season pricing for travel and accommodations. Meaning, it’ll be a lot cheaper and affordable. 


Now that you know the reasons why you should consider having a holiday wedding, don’t hesitate as it will definitely be worth it! No other dates will bring you less stress over the weather and better venue rates than winter. So, take advantage of the season and be a winter bride and groom! For sure, you’ll reap the never-to-miss-out-on benefits we mentioned here. 

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