5 Ways to Include Your Pet In Your Wedding

5 Ways to Include Your Pet In Your Wedding

For most people, weddings are once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Some even go the extra mile to invite as many family members and friends as possible—including pets like cats and dogs. 

However, the event calls for an intimate and orderly manner where it might not be the best place to have pets around. Therefore, if you’re the kind of couple that wants to include your dog or cat as part of the wedding ceremony, here are some ways or ideas you can have them.

1. Bring Them to the Reception

Including your pets in the wedding ceremony doesn’t mean you’ll make them part of the event itself. Although some people have made their dogs ring bearers in the past, it isn’t always the case as some couples have other pets like cats.

The best way to involve them in the wedding is by having them attend the reception rather than the ceremony itself. In a way, they would still be part of the experience without ruining the intimacy and sanctity of the sacrament itself. It’s even better if the reception is outdoors, making more room for them to play around and mingle with guests.

2. Use the Photo Booth with Pets

A great way to commemorate the event is by producing many photos. As most weddings include a photo booth for guests to come by and take pictures, having your pets around the area will be a great addition to the perfect image.

Besides handheld props, guests can squeeze in another subject in the photo—your pets. In effect, the images produced will have a more memorable impact where a cat or a dog joins to photobomb a picture that tells the story of someone’s marriage.

3. Use Pets as Design Aesthetic

If it’s not possible to bring pets around during the actual ceremony, there are other ways couples can include their dog or cat in the wedding. Themed invitations and giveaways are the current trends in weddings nowadays. 

Most wedding invitations include designs based on the couple’s personality, including their pets in the final plan for the collaterals used. Other ways are bringing them during the prenup shoots and making them a cast member in the photos for the “save the date” announcement. 

4. Decorate the Venue with Pets in Mind

Another way to let pets join in the event is by decorating the place with their photos all around. If your dog or cat plays a considerable role in the couple’s relationship, it would be ideal for sharing intimate images with the pet and the couple over the years.

As photos give off a sense of nostalgia, it’s an excellent way to share with guests how the journey to the wedding aisle wouldn’t be possible without the pets by the couple’s side. In effect, those who also own dogs or cats would identify with the couple’s vision and idea to highlight their pet’s journey with them.

5. Consider Pet Cake Toppers

Every detail counts in weddings. Therefore, adding a simple element such as a wedding topper should bring the event together. 

Nowadays, cake toppers are not only male and female figures acting as the bride and groom. Most manufacturers accept custom designs, such as pets, which are ideal ways to include them in the event in spirit.


Weddings are excellent events to showcase people’s love for each other, including their pets. Although some still prefer a traditional and straightforward event, other couples prefer thinking outside the box and making things extraordinary.

While some use technology, such as drone wedding video services, others maximize the event by bringing their pets in the picture. Either way, what’s important is that couples get to live their dreams of being wedded to each other in the hopes of forever.

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