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Mendocino Wedding Drone Video

Are you planning a Mendocino Wedding? With a well-made video, you’ll be able to relive it again and again. Hire our of Fort Bragg / Mendocino wedding videographers to capture your special day!

Trust in Mendocino Drone to capture truly epic, cinematic footage of your special day. Book a professional Mendocino wedding videographer today. Contact Us

Our expertise in wedding and event videography will make sure your special day’s memories are captured in motion, and preserved for lifetimes.

We understand the details that go into a wedding. We get how special these moments are for you and your family. We will document your momentous occasion and produce an imacculate edit that will exceed expectations.

Unlike other shoots, for weddings, there is no second-take. Our team’s experience means we know how to get it right the first time.

We’ll communicate thoroughly with you and your wedding coordinator to make sure we’re prepared for every moment.

Wedding Dinner Party from Drone

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Award-Winning Cinematography & WELL-Paced Edits

We don’t just provide aerial coverage, we have a team of seasoned wedding cinematographers that can provide all the angles you need… Photographers too!

Our crew will show up early to your event and grab a variety of establishing shots during setup.

We’ll be there as guests arrive and graze over champagne and hors d’oeuvres. We’ll have camera multiple angles and microphones positioned during the ceremony to make sure the vows and officiant are recorded impeccably.

During cocktail hour we usually send the drone up for its second flight of the day. This makes for a great transitional shot to your first-dance, toasts, and dinner.

Every belly laugh and tear-jerker will be recorded during the speeches and special dances. We’ll also be there as things bust loose and the party ensues.

When it’s all over, we’ll craft a series of edits that string together, constructing the perfect wedding day documentary.

Trust in Mendocino Drone to capture truly epic, cinematic footage of your special day. Book a professional wedding videographer and a licensed drone pilot.

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