What Type of Video Content Does My Non-Profit Need?

What Type of Video Content Does My Non-Profit Need?

The best way to promote a non-profit organization and its mission is to tell its story. The challenge begins in figuring out how to deliver that narrative in a creative, intriguing, and moving way that would convince your audience to donate and participate in your advocacy. 

If you want to target today’s modern audience, you should know that multimedia is the only way to do so. Nowadays, people are so consumed with the thousands of photos and videos they see online each day. Therefore, if you want to get their attention, you should also develop and create a compelling story that they would like to watch and share. 

Video content comes in many forms. As a non-profit organization, you should begin your multimedia journey by knowing the kind of content you would want to release. This article lists suggested video formats to help you deliver your message effectively and get people to know your organization and programs better.

Share Your Organization’s Mission Through an Explainer Video

To share a specific concept or subject in a concise yet accurate manner, explainer videos would be the best video form to use. It is perfect for overviews of companies, products, services, or non-profit organizations. In short, it is the first type of video you release for people who don’t know anything at all about your organization or your efforts. 

You can focus your explainer videos on four concepts: 

  • Showcase the current problems or pain points you want to address
  • Tell them about your mission or proposed solution
  • Show them why your mission is important to the community
  • Tell them the type of impact you want to bring to the world with this mission

For this type of video, the shorter it is, the better. It should last between 30 to 90 seconds or utilize a script with around 200 words. Think of it as creating a PowerPoint slide about your project, but instead of being static text and images, they would move and be accompanied by sounds and animations.

Explainer videos are worthy investments as you can use them for various purposes. You can post them online, include them in your briefing presentations, or play them in your office reception area for all visitors to watch. 

Introduce the People in Your Organization Through a “Meet the Team” Video

Trust is the most critical element that non-profit organizations should establish with their audience, and what better way to achieve that than by presenting your team. It is easier for the audience to build a relationship and affinity with the organization if they know the people behind the project. 

A “Meet the Team” video would make them realize that actual people are working hard in the organization and their real intentions behind the project. It is also your opportunity to share your values with the world. More importantly, it could be a convincing way to invite people to join your cause. 

Show What’s Happening Through a “Behind-the-Scene” Video

Another way you can invite them to get to know who you are and what you do is by letting them see a glimpse of what is happening behind the scenes. This type of video should be easy to create since no script is needed. Imagine having an outreach program, and you showcase a close-up and aerial video of the event. That would genuinely showcase what the organization is about while also encouraging viewers to get involved. 

Share the Beauty of Your Story Through a Testimonial Video

Another real story you can share with the world is the testimonials of your beneficiaries and team members. They are the best people to share the overall effect of everyone’s work and efforts. 

If you need an emotion-triggering video, this could be a good angle. This type of video is also the most effective because of how raw and honest it is. Seeing the actual people on the screen telling their stories would be the most captivating type of video a non-profit organization could present to potential donors and supporters.


Video is now a must in every content plan. Without video, your online presence would look repetitive and unexciting to your audience. As a non-profit organization, you need to exert more effort and refresh your content. This way, your audience will be encouraged to check out your programs and encourage others’ support and participation. 

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