6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Videographer

6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Videographer

Your wedding will very likely be one of the most momentous days of your life. Of course, documenting this special milestone is essential so that your memories will last forever, to be shared with family and friends for the years to come. Although it goes without saying that booking a skilled photographer for stunning photos is a must, that alone may not be enough.

A wedding album has long been regarded as an excellent way to immortalize your wedding day, but are you sure you’re okay with just still images? What if we told you that you could better capture the crucial moments of this special day through moving pictures? 

Here are some reasons why hiring a videographer may be the best choice for you:

1. Relive a Life-Like Memory

An image can capture so much emotion in a single frame with the right photographer, but a video offers even more! With a well-made wedding video, you’ll be able to feel the moment as she walks toward the groom. Witness the occasion unfold instead of simply having a still-shot of the bride taking her first step down the aisle.

Instead of a single, silent photo, you’ll have a dynamic and in-depth experience of your wedding. When looking back on filmed moments of your wedding day, you may even spot things you wouldn’t have seen otherwise if you only had a photo to look back on.

Each time you watch your wedding video, you can re-experience the day and feel the moments through the edit. Instead of just looking at photos, you can relive your wedding day, immerse yourself in the film and imagine getting married all over again by watching your wedding video.

2. Bring the Wedding to Life With Sound

One of the most notable differences between photos and videos is that the latter has audio. Through the element of sound, wedding videographers can transform your memory from something you can only look back on to a moment you’re able to experience again!

There’s a significant difference between reading vows on paper and hearing your significant other read them to you once more. With audio, you can listen to the laughs your father-in-law made when they gave their speech or the crack in the maid of honor’s voice as they shared a touching message with you and the guests.

A video, and the special nuance in people’s voices, can allow you to experience once more the energy and atmosphere of that special day. There’s nothing like hearing the laughs of your family and friends, clinking glasses after every “Cheers!,” and the chatters of joyful children running around the venue.

3. Have a Beautiful Collection of Memories

A skilled videographer can provide you with wonderful memories to cherish forever. The right videographer will ensure that you’ll have beautiful moments to look back on. A wedding video can be a simple musical montage of highlights, or they may even produce a full documentary that tells the full story of your entire wedding day.

With a quality videographer, you can be rest assured that every worthwhile moment of your special day will be appropriately documented, to be remembered and cherished for the rest of your marriage.

4. Share Memories With Those Who Could Not Attend

To truly show the many details of the wedding, you would need to share an entire album, perhaps posting dozens, maybe even hundreds of photos to social media. The people who truly matter to you may not have the time to sift through them all. With a well edited wedding video, however, you’re able to show your day in all of its magnificence all in one polished and convenient package. Share your video, and your friends and family will have a complete virtual experience of your beautiful day. 

5. Each Video is Unique and Customized for You

There are only so many wedding poses for still photographs. However, a video edit is without limits—it’s alive and breathing. Each one is completely unique and created just for you. Videographers will document natural moments as they happen, so your genuine reactions will be immortalized. The destination and venue can be introduced via drone aerial video, too. Candid moments of tears and laughter will be recorded to be watched and re-lived as often as you wish. 

Plus, it’s also worth noting that you get to pick what style of video it ends up being. Whether you want to include the first-look, the exchanging of vows, the toasts at dinner, or the first dance—you name it, your video will include all of the special moments of your choice. 

6. A Keepsake to Treasure Forever

Your wedding day is the pinnacle of your story as a couple. Whether you want to relive the day yourself, share moments with those that couldn’t make it, or show your wedding day to your future children, video is the best option that can most effectively present what it was like to be there.  


No other medium can better capture your wedding than through video! Booking a wedding videographer may seem like an unnecessary expense since you’ve already hired a photographer, but trust us when we say that the wedding video they’ll produce will be priceless. As long as you work with a reputable and skilled wedding videographer and editor, you’ll have a wonderful collection of memories to relive for the years to come!

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