Why Your Headshot Matters

Why Your Headshot Matters

Now that we’re heading deeper into the digital world, it only fits that all the elements involved in the business ride the same wave, and this includes your company’s professional headshots. While showcasing your team may seem unnecessary, professional headshots offer your company more than meets the eye.

In an instant, a good headshot has the power to impact your reputation as it reflects who you are, your professionalism, and even what emotions you want to convey towards your market. Isn’t it quite surprising how much influence a professional headshot can have on your personal brand and, by extension, your business?

Why Professional Headshots Matter

From being mentioned in your local newspaper to having your photo displayed on your company website, having a professional headshot is a must to add value to your brand’s image. Working with a professional photographer is crucial for this project since they offer quality that cannot be matched by just anyone with a camera.  

Just as real estate agents have a professional real estate photographer take pictures of a property, a pro headshot can establish trust and boost value, visibility, and credibility. 

Why Should I Get a Professional Headshot Taken?

Many professionals think that first impressions happen at the first face to face meeting. However, in an age of profile pictures, that’s not always the case. In this digitally-oriented landscape, most first impressions now happen online and when your consumers browse your company’s website, social media, or even your email signature.

For example, a real estate agency must have a real estate photographer take excellent pictures of the houses and spaces they’re planning to sell. But what truly makes a difference is if your real estate agents also have high-quality, professional portraits that represent their business well online.

Why? It’s simple—these headshots can also serve as your business cards, which provide you with more opportunities to connect with clients. 

Professional headshots also give an impression that your team has faith in their abilities. The confidence they exude encourages more home buyers or sellers to work with you, knowing that you take yourself seriously and that you’re someone they could trust. 

What are Professional Headshots For?

When you have professional headshots online, you show viewers that you’re to be taken seriously. As a result, you have more opportunities to connect with potential clients, investors, and collaborators. For clients that will be meeting you for the first time, it’s good for them to have an idea of who you are before the initial meeting. 

  • A professional headshot can represent who you are while connecting your personality as well. You get the opportunity to reinforce your character, allowing the client to trust you enough to work with you comfortably.
  • A current, professional headshot provides trustworthiness. When you post an old photo on your website, it shows that you’re inauthentic and that your work ethic or personality may not be consistent.
  • Your professional headshot can enhance your skills and experience in different platforms, such as LinkedIn or your company’s website.
  • Having a professional headshot present online can give you a boost of confidence, empowering you to share more of yourself, take intelligent risks, and overcome obstacles at work. 

The Bottom Line: Professional Headshots Can Enhance Your Career

There’s no denying that visual elements can make or break your professional career; that’s why you must consider having professional headshots taken for your portfolio—something fundamental if you’re running a real estate firm.

Besides hiring a real estate photographer to take photos of your properties, it’s also important that your agents have a professional headshot to match their work ethic. 

How Can Mendocino Drone Help You?

It’s critical to work with professional real estate photographers in Fort Bragg, CA when it comes to having your properties and your real estate agents’ headshots taken.

Mendocino Drone offers superior photography, videography, and web design services from real estate photography down to food photography—we’ve got you covered. 

If you’re looking for a professional photographer and web design company, reach out to us today!

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